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Cycling in Manchester

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Manchester Oxford Road segregated cycleway

Manchester Oxford Road segregated cycleway

Manchester Oxford Road segregated cycleway

Manchester Oxford Road segregated cycleway

Manchester Oxford Road segregated cycleway

Manchester Oxford Road segregated cycleway

Manchester Oxford Road

Manchester Oxford Road Cycling hub

Manchester Oxford Road

Manchester Oxford Road

A rare photograph of a family of wild Sheffield Stands.

Jesse Norman speaking at Cycle Active City 2018

Martin, co-founder of CycleStreets speaking at #CycleActiveCity to introduce CyIPT, the Cycling Infrastructure Priorisation Toolkit which enables transport planners to assess the cost-benefit ratios of proposed cycle schemes. https://www ... [more]

Bus-stop bypass, Manchester

Cross Street approaching John Dalton St and Princess St. traffic signals do not detect cycle approach . A novice cyclist would cycle between the rail and the kerb - it is not certain whether there is a detection loop here, to pick any cyc ... [more]

Manchester Chorlton St Werburgh's Tram Station. Barriers before crossing tram line. Not great and worse still they are pointed at the top corners. Compare with the other side of the crossing rounded corners. #99646 ... [more]

Manchester Chorlton St Werburgh's Tram Station. . Barriers before crossing tram line. Not great but at least they are rounded at the top corners. Compre with the other side of the crossing and the rib breaking sharp corners #99647 https:/ ... [more]

Racks near Home cinema

Harry Hall Cycles

At least two staircases close to Manchester, on the Rochdale Canal, have a ramp at the side, to help wheel a bicycle up. A long ramp to cycle up would be better but space is limited and this is a historic canal.

Unfortunately inward-opening doors pose a threat to cyclists in this tunnel.

Cycle lane give way to trams.

Manchester Oxford Road Cycle Hub could do with a public pump and cycle tools especially for the bike and go tyres which are a bit soft. Most other cycle hubs operated by TfGM have a pump with cycle tools. Occasionally the access to this hu ... [more]

Tram share

Outside a cafe but notice wheelbenders too.

Outside the main entrance to John Rylands library.

Some streets in Manchester mix cycling and trams.

Big bike shop in Manchester

On a mobike in Manchester. The bikes are ok for pooling around town. No gears and a little under-geared for my liking. They are robust but the women I was with said they were heavy. I couldn't raise the seat as high as I'd like. I ove ... [more]

Manchester China Town Faulkner St contraflow leads to the Tower Cycle hub # but one way st further South does not have contraflow in the other direction #72716 confusing. See

Manchester eye hospital Looks like @ManchesterREH need to reallocate #space4cycling

Manchester deliveries

Shared use footway/cycleway crossover section.

Advanced green signal for cyclists

"No Cycles" sign on a bollard on a facility obviously designed as a modal filter to permit cycles!

Sheffield stands

Segregated shared-use cycleway crosses from one side of the pavement to the other. The markings on the ground are contradicted by the sign.

Cycleway emerges onto the road into the path of a bus starting from the bus stop. At this point the cyclist is hidden behind the bus shelter and the bus drivers attention is devoted to their right mirror - looking for a gap in overtaking tr ... [more]

Wide angle mirror allows drivers waiting at the lights to see approaching cyclists.

Sheffield Stands

Sheffield Stands

Exemption from prohibited turn allows cyclists to turn right to and from Park Crescent. It could do with an "Except Cyclists" plat under the one-way sign.

Sheffield stands

Fortunately the cyclist was riding slowly so was able to avoid this left hook.

Cyclist has to swerve to avoid car pulling across his path on the Curry Mile cycleway.

Four Sheffield Stands

Van obstructs cycleway while waiting to turn onto the the road The planter supposedly "protecting" the cycleway obstructs the view from the proper give way position.

Manchester - Blackjack brewery on Irk St hosts weekends about once a month for beer tasting. opportunities to park bikes nearby

Manchester Alexandra Park Tea Hive Cafe with cycle parking. space for 6 cycles.

Excuse me if I don't have 100% confidence in the security of these bike stands

Cyclists heading straight ahead along the cycleway are given a green light at the same time as drivers turning left across their path. Thus designing in left hooking collisions. This cyclist is sensibly avoiding the risk.

Yet another speed bump and more painted signs warning pedestrians to look.

Yet more rumble strips to control cyclists speed as they ride behind the bus shelter that obstructs the view of pedestrians crossing the next speed bump #87806..

Another speed bump - this time with zebra stripes on the top. A few metres along there is yet another rumble strip behind a bus shelter #87805.

Another rumble strip to keep cycle speeds low - as you approach the speed bump #87804.

Attempt to mitigate conflict with pedestrians accessing the bus stops. Speed bump on the cycleway slows down cyclists and large painted signs warn pedestrians which way to look. A bit further along are some rumble strips #87803.

Rumble strips needed to control cyclists speed to mitigate conflict with bus passengers. A few metres later you come to a speed bump #87802.

SLOW sign at the entrance to a cycleway that veers behind very well used bus shelters. The degree of conflict with the very high volume of pedestrian traffic around Manchester University means cyclists riding here (rather than on the adjace ... [more]

New cycle friendly road environment on Oxford Road Manchester. 20mph speed limit - 2 wide lanes (down from 4 narrow lanes) - restricted traffical make for a comfortable ride, so long as you avoid the narrow, humped, glass strewn channel tha ... [more]

Exemption from No Right Turn permitting cyclists to turn right from Oxford Road into Brunswick Street is welcome. Unfortunately the raised kerbs prevent cyclists getting from the cycle lane to the correct lane position to make the turn.

Signalised pedestrian crossing crosses cycleway - but there are no signals to stop cyclists when the green man shows.

How not to perform a right hand turn: Swerve across the path of a bus just as the lights turn green.

UPDATE have reported this by telephoning 0161 872 5050 log number 1752 19th Dec 2016 which took over 12 mins (11 mins waiting) Withington Manchester Mauldeth Road West near Princess Parkway Obstructed and blocked shared footway. 2 driver's ... [more]

Multiple obstacles on NCN60 in Gorton, Manchester. Various ways through, each with a different level of risk.

Restrictive chicane barriers on NCN60, alongside GMPolice's Claytonbrook site.

Hybrid (raised) cycle lane in the door zone of a marked parking bay.

Cycle lane in the dooring zone of a parking bay. This is made much more dangerous by the fact that the white line conceals a slight step down to the main carriageway which is likely to cause a cyclist to fall into the path of motor traffic ... [more]

Hulme HOME There are 2 rows of cycle parking and still more is needed here ! Just to the left of the yellow bike is a public use bike pump ! see also #80016 and #83624

Nice Dutch bike draws attention to this business

Missing give way lines

Low visibility of cyclists behind parked cars. Danger from left turning vehicles.

Risk for cyclists re entering main road

Solid white line at cyclist entry to ASL

Cycleway bypasses the traffic lights at Wilmslow Road's T-junction with Great Western Street in the "curry mile" Rusholme, Manchester

Wheelchair user heading to the bus stop in one of the new cycleways in Rusholme's "curry mile" - build it and they will come! (But it looked like the bus-stop should have a higher kerb to enable level access to the bus)

These bollards were supposed to be spaced 1.7m apart (for 1.5m clearance) but they've not been installed to this specification. The new wide waiting area was worth campaigning for - it's a vast improvement over the original 'S-bend' proposa ... [more]

Closed road alongside the railway viaduct at the University of Manchester - what a shame it's closed to cycling

There's a lot of cycle parking under the railway arches - how strange that this isn't a cycle route

Closed road alongside the railway viaduct at the University of Manchester - what a shame it's closed to cycling

Start of contraflow cycle lane north of the A57(M) underpass

Segregated route under the A57(M) slip-road

Segregated route under the A57(M)

Access to the A57(M) underpass - across the motorway slip-road

Route towards the A57(M) underpass

Cycle lanes

Does the red surfacing mean that this will become a cycle route?

Does the red surfacing mean that these will become cycle routes?

Through route for cycles only

A perfect place to park at the University of Manchester (the sign is a bit odd - presumably the footway is still the footway and the cycleway is on the carriageway)

A perfect place to park at the University of Manchester

A huge plaza at the University of Manchester and isolated patches of cycle parking

A huge plaza at the University of Manchester and isolated patches of cycle parking

Plenty of sheltered cycle parking at the Alan Turing Building, University of Manchester

Bike pump at covered parking, Manchester Royal Infirmary

New Cycle Hub at Manchester Royal Infirmary - with railings blocking the entry

Construction of new cycleway along Oxford Road, Manchester

Whitworth Park, Manchester - clearly not set up for cycling

The University of Manchester's Whitworth Museum won the Museum of the Year award for its extension but still only has minimal cycle parking a long way from the entrance

Cycle route along Oxford Road and sign to bike shop

Construction of new cycle route along Oxford Road

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